Student Supply Lists

Elementary School Supply Lists

Preschool  (K3-K4):

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1 Backpack (big enough to fit a folder)
2 Folders
Extra Set of clothes (in a Ziploc bag)
1 pack crayons washable markers (regular colors)
1 crayola watercolor
2 white glue bottles
4 glue sticks
2 box of Kleenex
Baby wipes
Clorox Wipes

Lower Elementary (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade):

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1 – 2 pocket folder
Wide rule notebook (1st & 2nd)
6-8 – stick glue
6 pencils (not mechanical)
1 – big eraser
pencil top erasers
pencil box (big enough for pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.)
Crayons (no markers)
3 boxes of Kleenex
ruler (inches and centimeters)
small pillow and blanket for nap time (Kindergarten)
1 ream of copier paper
No pencil sharpeners(they drive me crazy)

Upper Elementary (3rd – 6th Grade):

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Pencils (no mechanical pencils)
1 red Pen (other pens if desired)
12-inch/cm Ruler (not bendable)
Watercolor Paints
Pencil Top Erasers
a Big Eraser
2 -2 pocket Folders
Elmer’s Glue (white glue)
2 Glue Sticks
2 packages of Loose Leaf Paper (wide rule)
2 wide rule notebooks
Pencil Box (big enough for pencils, glue, and scissors)
Bible (we memorize out of the NKJV)
3 boxes of Kleenex per student
1 ream of printer paper

Jr / Sr High (6th – 12th Grade)

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Jeremy Shaeffer (Math & Science):

Dan Leeds (Bible & History):

Beth Braker (English Grammar & Literature):

4 – Spiral Bound Notebooks
4 – Folders
Loose Leaf Paper (college rule)
2 – Pens (Red & Black)
5 – Pencils
Scientific Calculator (9th Grade and above)
1 – Ream of Copy Paper
Colored Pencils
3 x 5 cards
Protractor & Compass (Algebra and Geometry Students)
2 – Kleenex
3 – 1in binders