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What is our Christian Education worth?  Should we keep doing it?  I read a good piece from Fox News early this morning as I was getting ready for the day at TBS.  Our education is important however it has to be more than education and facts that mold and shape the hearts of our students.  Parents and Teachers have to literally model a real relationship with Christ and give children/students opportunities and activities to stand and exert their own convictions in our present wold.  Read this article and give response as you see Christian Education in our world today.

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Here are a few comments I copied from the article written today for Fox News

Fox News

“The future of Christianity in the post-Christian West hangs in the balance.  If the faith is going to survive within churches and communities, then Christians are going to have to become far more serious and intentional about education…

For serious Christian parents, education cannot be simply a matter of building their child’s transcript to boost her chance of making it into the Ivy League. If this is the model your family follows (perhaps with a sprinkle of God on top for seasoning), you will be hard-pressed to form countercultural Christian adults capable of resisting the disorders of our time.
The kind of schooling that will build a more resilient, mature faith in young Christians is one that imbues them with a sense of order, meaning, and continuity. It’s one that integrates knowledge into a harmonious vision of the whole, one that unites all things that are, were, and ever will be in God….

If it’s true that a simplistic, anti-intellectual Christian faith is a thin reed in the gale of academic life, it is also true that faith that’s primarily intellectual—that is, a matter of mastering information—is deceptively fragile. Equipping Christian students to thrive in a highly secularized, even hostile environment is not a matter of giving them a protective shell. The shell may crack under pressure or be discarded. Rather, it must be about building internal strength of mind and heart.”

Rod Dreher

    There is no question in my mind as principal and leader of our school that what we are doing at TBS is highly important and crucial to the next generation.  A wise man told me that we should not take fences (boundaries & convictions) down just to make things easier!

I trust that you as parents see this as a matter of high importance and understand the sacrifice you are making on behalf of your child is not just to sprinkle “God” into the platter of an education.  We are called to do a very important job as teachers in our Christian School and we should expect our students to stand with their own convictions and standards as they grow.  This is why we should not tolerate a lazy and care-free attitude.  This is why we should expect results that are more than academic.  This is why we should be sending emails to you as parents concerning character issues we see.  This is why the teacher/pupil/parent relationship is a difficult and rewarding at the same time.

K3-K4 / Mrs. Krause’s Class is just as important as 12th Grade!
Brinley Rabe / Bella Krause

Hope this brings encouragement!

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