Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

TBS Nation,

Last day of school until Spring Break!  Students have been patient and relatively calm the past two day but I think the weather has something to do with that!  We will have a full day of school today and then return on the following Wednesday for a full day as well.  During the break let me encourage you to really think about our Lord as we celebrate His resurrection.  The vacation time is nice but there is a much more important fact that we experience this time of year. Christ is Risen and I am saved because of the Power in Jesus the Son of God!  God has been good to rescue us from the pit of Sheol and give us eternal life with Him!  What a thought…..

Here is your day:

Before School Care:  6:30am (Jeremy Shaeffer)
Normal School Day:  8:15am
Elementary Chapel:  9:05am (Rory Martin)
High School Chapel: 9:05am (Ryan Thorpe)
Hot Lunch:  Hot Dog/ Chili Dog / Hamburger / Potato Fries
After School Care: 3:15pm (Sarah Leeds)
Awana @ TBC:  6:30pm

** Next Tuesday @ 10:00am – Play Practice (until 2pm)  Students should bring costumes and props / Bring a lunch as well!

Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL