Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

TBS Nation,

This morning I was talking with my youngest son and he noticed I was ready for work and getting out the door when he said, “dad, I think you should go to work earlier so that you can get ahead on your day.”  I simply replied, “Yes”.  A teachers work is never done.  Preparation, writing objectives, setting out papers, preparing folders, grading etc. never ends.  Some of you know the feeling that if you go in early you will still not scratch the surface of achieving everything in your day.  Exhaustion and fatigue cripple people sometimes because the mountain of work never seems to go away.  People often wonder why I love to mow lawns.  I think the simple reason is that I see an immediate result.  I am the one who works and achieves the satisfaction of seeing something done that wasn’t accomplished.

Whatever the day presents to you I think it is a good thing to get a jump on the day, however as adults we know that there are some things that we need to do to take care of me so that I have the ability to poor out of me again.  Pastor Leeds has given me advice before that makes sense.  It is important to take time to rest and to recover so that you have energy to minister.  Sometimes that means that you should have breakfast with your son instead of getting a “jump on the day”.
Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
7:00am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
8:00am – Student Drop Off (Amber Shaeffer)
8:15am – Normal School Day
Hot Lunch:  Macaroni and Cheese
3:00pm – Student Pick Up (Amber Shaeffer)
3:15pm – After School Care (Lin Leeds)
3:15pm – Girls BB Practice (Lighthouse)
Jeremy Shaeffer
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