Thursday, March 15th, 2018

TBS Nation,

Good morning and welcome to Thursday.  We are again warming up and adding daylight to the morning and these things are encouraging to me today.  I was reflecting on some conversations that I have had recently and was again struck by the changing society that we live in.  Our world changes faster than I want it to, both for good and for evil.  I am dumbfounded that our Churches are showing signs of atrophy as we see a mire of sin around us.  There are so many compromises that happen each day that seem to accelerate the unplugging of fingers in an already broken dam.  I can’t help but think about students and friends that are oblivious to the reality of our world and the war we are actually fighting.  War against the world and Satan is only obvious and real if you choose to see God’s truth about it.  Otherwise we are rocked to sleep in the hands of the enemy.  Choosing to unplug from a fight is not an option we have according to scripture.  Ephesians 6 Paul describes for the believer the armor we need on a daily basis and there is no age limit given neither is there a time-out box described.  I do believe that our kids are in a battle that is already overwhelming and one in which they are not prepared to fight.  I read the following article and was convicted to keep investing in kids at a ministry level.  Without ministry where does the training happen, and where are the trainers going to get subjects to train?  There is no doubt that we have modernized our church services and catered to the “normal” as far as “worship” is concerned.  I believe that the reason ministries come under attack is because holding lines simply is not the way “we” do things anymore.
Here is the link to the article:
Read it if you have time and consider the fight our kids are wandering towards.  Are they ready to fight?  Do they have the constant training in their heart?  Are we as parents realizing the battle they are about to face?  Are we wrapping them in bubble-wrap and hiding the truth of the war from them?  Are our churches doctrinal sound and actively teaching kids a Biblical World View?
Just some thoughts…….
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Thursday, March 15th, 2018
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