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Thursday, March 6th, 2014

TBS Nation,

Are you ready for SOUP?  We have quite an army working to put together this Souped – Up fundraiser this year.  Pastor Leeds in particular should be recognized for his generous donation of time and energy, not to mention his cooking skills.  If I were to name everybody that is contributing to the event I would for sure miss somebody so a blanket thank you will have to do for now.  The Gym is set for a great time this evening.  Remember we still have tickets available at the door for $7.00 / $3.00 refills!

WACS tomorrow!  Students should be at TBS by 7:15am so we are ready to leave at 7:30am.  Any judges sheets and final adjustments must be made tonight so students are ready for tomorrows events.  Also, remember to send $5.00 for a quick dinner break for the kids.  We are expected to return around 7:30pm or so.  If that changes for any reason we will contact you with more details via email and facebook!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014:

6:30am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
8:15am – Normal School Day
2:05pm – WACS Fine Arts Master’s Class
3:15pm – After School Care (Kimberly Krause)
4:00pm – 7:00pm – Souped Up Fundraiser
Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL

TBS Patriot Post: September 16th – 20th

Part Three:  TBS Mission Statement : “Team with parentsby providing a quality, Christ centered education and produce young people committed to Jesus Christ who take scriptural leadership roles in their families, church and community”

  Producing any product is very much a process.  In business often times there are years of engineering, testing and re-working of a product in order to get it perfect.  While that is a challenging and fun process, it seems simple enough in that one can come out with a great product after a period of time.  It seems like we try to take a similar approach with producing young people.  This kind of model and philosophy may lead to some preconceived practices and assumptions that can be very troubling and often times misleading over the first 18 years of a child’s life.

  Many parents say something like this, “I took them to church, put them in a private school, gave them everything they needed to succeed and they still turned out not like we had planned”.  These words have really brought chills to TBS as they have been spoken over the years.  Obviously there are missing components for the family and child if this is the product. 

  School provides a framework that is somewhat static, but allows for the flex a young person needs to grow, fail, succeed, mature, and learn.  The question is how do you produce commitment in a young person?  At TBS the focus of commitment is found in the true source of the term.  Jesus Christ is the only example man may draw on as an example.  Thus TBS must give the example of Christ to get students exposed to this concept. 

  One can look at the outside world and laugh at what commitment looks like through today’s definition.  Is a mans word truly his word these days?  Do handshakes really mean that a business deal is agreed upon?  Young people look at commitment with a totally different set of lenses than the older of this generation.  Nothing stays the same for more than a second.  The I-phone is a perfect example.  Recently Apple put out the new I-phone 5 / 5s.  While it is all good and well intentioned to get the next gadget out there for the consumer, the damage on our youth expecting the next new thing with everything has crept into the spiritual hearts as well. Our young people are not only conditioned to anticipate something new and fresh they DEMAND it!  Where does this leave the heart of the child?  Ask these questions, does God Change?  Does the truth of the Bible need revision and a fresh look?  Should our society be so quick and impatient as to let this marketed philosophy not only make its mark on our children but also steal their hearts and minds from what is right and true!   Education experiences a similar challenge. Computers and Ipads are not the answer to why our students are receiving lower ACT scores.  Technology is great but it is not in and of itself the answer to why America has slipped to 28th in the world.  If our goal is to produce young people COMMITTED in all they do perhaps consistency needs to play a major role in whats done on a daily basis.  Perhaps loyalty and jumping in with both feet needs to be seen much more in our homes, churches and schools. 

  What if……… students had to clean the school every day, had to pay for their own tuition, had to make their own lunch, had to pay for their own insurance and gas, had to pay for books and supplies, had to……the list goes on and on.

  It is clear that this statement exists in our mission statement as a guideline and a challenge to the child, parent and teacher.  Guarantees are not made here!  TBS simply does its best to model the commitment of Christ and make that a pillar in the students life weather or not he/she believes it from the heart.  One must produce commitment by being committed.  One can demand commitment once a commitment to Christ is taken.   Are you committed to Christ?  Do you model this to your children?  It’s no wonder they walk away and loath the Church, Family and Christian Schools.


Part 3: “

produce young people committed to Jesus Christ
     Jeremy Shaeffer – Principal of TBS-FDL

TBS Financial Prayer Night

TBS Financial Prayer Night – Thursday @ 6:00pm – TBS

TBS Nation,

Many times we set out to accomplish a task and it seems to be to big a
job to finish in one setting. Painting a room, building a garage,
finishing a report etc. Often we use an excuse so procrastination sets
in and makes itself at home. For far to long I have let the TBS deficit
sit out there with the honest hope that it would just
disappear and that God would somehow make that happen through generous
gifts. Don’t get me wrong, generous gifts come in to TBS and we are
thankful for them, however those often times go to current operating
expenses. Although God, in his generosity and goodness, could make that
happen, it is clear that I have failed to lead the TBS Nation in this

I would like to begin the journey in leading our
school in correcting this and making it an opportunity for us all to be
amazed at what God can do when his people set it to fervent prayer.
This is why I have carved six specific days to commit this to prayer.
The first prayer night being this coming Thursday evening at TBS

I want to be clear that these prayer meetings are
not a cover for a financial giving fundraiser or a high pressure request
for a gift to TBS, but rather a time to sincerely ask God to work on
our behalf to remove this burden from over us. TBS has carried up to a
$37,000 debt and it is currently at a bit over $24,000. TBS will
continue to chip away as we are able however this debt limits us as to
using our funds the way they could effectively be used. If you are
interested and you have a burden for TBS and our school please join us.
We will attempt to stream this live or at least post the prayers to the
website so that those alumni and friends can be part even if not

Thanks for your participation in this way. I look
forward to an amazing provision from God in this way as well as
reporting to you all how God is meeting this need. This will again
prove Gods working on our behalf at TBS.

Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL

Science Lab Day for Jr. High Students!


TBS students will be challenged today with a science lab that they will have to collaborate on.  It is interesting that even in learning labs in our science curriculum, our students have to learn to work together for a specific goal and purpose.  One can’t help but think of the spiritual implications of this in the CHURCH.  Christ asked us to move, function, and act like a unified body and we are able to see the principles in every day life.  If you are interested the TBS Jr. High will be displaying their results outside Mr. Shaeffer’s classroom.  There will be two different displays, first the students will display a car they designed out of a hanger wire and two sheets of copy paper.  The designs are very interesting and you can test them on the ramp they used during their experiment.  The second lab will be a display (no touch) to observe with using measurements of liquids.  Each group will display their results and they will be able to compare with other groups to see if results were similar or different.  

First Day @ TBS


First Day @ TBS is considered a success.  Mrs. Leeds class shows off their collection of Kleenex boxes.  Students at TBS find that today is a back to school reality check!  Students are already receiving assignments and work for the rest of the week. The 6th graders are working hard on homework already assigned in classes.  Pictured below:  Wesley, Joe, Alex, Lizzy and Samphoto

Mrs. Carpenter is already getting our students involved in mathematics.  TBS has been able to limit combined classes for the year and each math class is able to function as an individual class.  With Mrs. Carpenters experience we should see improvements in our students math scores as we move throughout the year.math

Parents – Watch for the TBS Memo that will come home via Email each day.  The email will come sometime in the afternoon or early evening hours detailing each day and the news events that need to be communicated.  Also, try to log into the sycamore portal as there will be updated information there as well.

TBS Senior Class is For Sale!

TBS Seniors For Sale: 
Jerome, Justin, Ted, Charlie, Justin, Robert and Noel


The Trinity Baptist School Senior Class is
For Sale April 14th & 21st
.  For $100.00 you can purchase 6 young men to come and work for you in whatever capacity you need.  The senior class needs to raise $500 more in funds to have the Senior Class Trip payed for.  The class has worked doing Pizza Friday and also has held two fundraisers at Pizza Ranch to help offset the cost of the trip.  They will be traveling to Gatlinburg, TN for some fun in the mountains in Tennessee!  Mr. Shaeffer will be the tour guide for the week and they should have a bunch of fun as they take some time to celebrate the completion of the year!  Please contact Mr. Shaeffer if you are interested in supporting the Class of 2012 in this way.

TBS @ WACS Elementary Fine Arts Competition – Green Bay, WI

TBS Receives Awards at WACS Fine Arts Competition:  16 – Blue / 12 -Red / 10 Yellow Ribbons

Trinity Baptist School will be competing in the WACS Fine Art Competition held in Green Bay, WI today.  Pictured above is Silas Westra with his Science Fair Project that will be presented to judges during the morning hours.  Each student will compete in academics, music and art.  Keep updated by looking at the TBS Facebook page or by watching the TBS website.  Pray for these young people as they perform and minister throughout the day!

Trinity Baptist School @ ACE Student Convention

Thursday Events:  Trinity Baptist School is participating in the music events at the Arts & Communications Building on the UW Oshkosh Campus.  Click the link below and find a map for the campus.  Click Here for Map of UWO Campus


TBS Boys Take 2nd Place: 2012 ACE Basketball Tournament:  Trinity Baptist School played a tough Wyldewood Baptist School and lost a close battle in a 21-28 struggle.  TBS was led in scoring by Charlie Leeds and Justin Eckberg while the big guys did their pat on the boards.  Congratulations to the boys as they finish their season at 16-5.


Jacob Ninneman Shows off his ping-pong ability / Noel & Charlie @ Track and Field Events

       IMG_0087          IMG_0089          IMG_0082

TBS Girls Volleyball Team – 2012 ACE Champs!

TBS Memo: February 2nd, 2012

Congratulations to the TBS Boys Varsity for another win last night against Beth Haven.  Coach Ezekiel Leeds handled the team well in the absence of Coach Shaeffer.  Thursday seems to be a normal day with not to much out of the ordinary!

Happy Ground Hog’s Day.


It is Ground Hog Day for those that care.Not sure that the ground hog’s in Fond du Lac will be able to see their shadow but I trust that the Spring Season will come sooner than later!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

TBS Athletics:

3:00 – 4:30pm  Girls BB Practice
4:30 – 6:00pm  Boys BB Practice

After School Care:  
3:00 – 6:00pm  (Available)

Patriot Post: January 30th – February 3rd

Thank you to all who participated in the 2012 TBS Auction.  This past Friday night TBS was able to gross over $10,000.00 to help with the fundraising goal of over $32,000 11-12 budget.  Every little bit counts and we are very grateful for you participation and support.
  Kerry Tompkins, Pat Miller and Dave Shell Sr. are the individuals that make this thing happen.  If not for their tireless efforts this event would not even get off of the ground!  A special thanks to each of you as you have again donated your time and energy towards the success of our school.

We again want to thank our sponsors for the night:

Berenz Auto Body
New Vision Signs
W.J. Leasa Electric
FDL Distributers, Inc.
FDL Service and Awning
Paul Faris Plumbing
Randy Martin/Roberts Homes & Real Estate
City Lights Barbershop
Finding Eden LLC
Blinds R Us
Holiday Inn
Comfort Inn
Halfman Concrete
Fay’s fun & Learning
Bob Lunda Home Inspections
Pat Miller – Ward Log Homes
Klectric LLC
Vande Zande & Kaufman LLP