Monday, May 12th, 2014

TBS Nation,

Congratulations to all those students who made The Dash a success.  Many students put in time and effort to make that happen and they did an excellent job.  I also want to say thank you to all of you who came and supported us in the adventure.  The first time in doing something like this is always met with challenges and issues, however I am thankful for all of the students willingness to make this a reality!  Parents, you also are to be thanked because of your support of the kids the play and helping supply the food for the evening.  That was such a nice touch for the evening.  Also, congratulations to Rachel as she can now say that one of her plays has been performed live.  I do want to know if anybody took a video of the performance?  We did not think to record it and would look to see if there is a recording.  Also, if any of you who watched the play have any constructive things to say that would help us plan for future events, please email and put in the subject line:  Suggestions.  Thanks!

Last week of school and it looks to be a cold wet one at that!  Today will be a normal set of classes and the rest of the week will be in the schedule listed below.  Remember that on Thursday the elementary will be traveling to Madison to visit the zoo and the Jr/Sr High will be traveling to Sheboygan to visit the beach and have fun in the sun (If the sun cooperates!).  Friday all TBS students will meet at school at normal time and have a short chapel time, followed by a few work activities.  We will then travel over to McDermot Park and have a picnic to end the school year!  Friday evening we will be having the Awards at 6:00pm @ TBC followed by Kindergarden Graduation.   I am looking forward to the night as we seek to honor those who have worked hard for these awards.


7:00am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
7:45pm – Teacher Meeting
8:15am – Normal School Day
3:15pm – After School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)


Jr. & Sr High will have odd hour finals/periods

1st hour:  8:15 – 10:00
3rd hour:  10:05 – 11:50
5th hour:  12:20 – 2:00
7th Hour:  As normal

**After School Care Provided

Jr. & Sr High will have odd hour finals/periods

2nd hour:  8:15 – 10:00
4th hour:  10:05 – 11:50
6th hour:  12:20 – 2:00
7th Hour:  As normal

**After School Care Provided


Field Trips
Elementary to Madison Zoo
Jr/Sr High to Sheboygan Beach

**After School Care Provided
**All personal items in students locker must be taken home on Thursday!


8:15am – All Students at TBS W/ Short Chapel
8:45am – Classroom Clean up / Locker Clean up
9:30am – Transport to McDermot Park for Picnic
12:00pm – All students will be dismissed from McDermot Park……There will be no After School Care on Friday
6:00pm – Awards / Kindergarten Graduation Program @ Trinity Baptist Church6:00pm – Awards / Kindergarten Graduation Program @ Trinity Baptist Church