Monday, February 3rd, 2014

TBS Nation,

The Auction was a great success and God truly blessed that event!  Thank you to all of involved, I deeply appreciate your efforts on our schools behalf!  It was -18 degrees again this morning and the Shaeffer van needed some help getting started but needless to say we are having school today.  The building is a bit cooler today as we have not run the heat as long during the night.  This week seems normal however there are some interesting things that I would like to be aware of.  First, TBS will be hosting a Live Stream of a debate between Bill Ney (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis / President).  They will be debating at 6:00pm CST and I want to make it available to TBS Families to expose our kids to the differences between truth (God’s Word) and heresy (Evolution & Lies).  The doors will be open @ 5:45pm and the Live Stream will be in Mr. Shaeffer’s Classroom.  Please RSVP by sending and email to:  Second, on Thursday, February 6th, TBS will host a Financial Prayer night.  This evening will simply be individuals who love our school getting together and praying for the financial stability of our institution.  We have challenges and even this year tuition monies are making operations tight, however we are committed to praying for the success of our families and asking God to help deliver us from the debt that we have carried for many years now.  Join us as we intercede on behalf of our school Thursday night @ 6:00pm.  Finally, I would like to announce that TBS will be putting on a Spring Play written by Rachel Tompkins and Co-directed by Jeremy Shaeffer and Rachel Tompkins.  Practices have already begun and we will be continuing to do them during last hour on Tuesday/Thursday until after WACS is over in the first week of March.  We would encourage you to be thinking of attending and making this a part of your April.  Final dates of performances of “The Dash” will be posted soon!

Souped Up!
I know we just got finished doing a huge fundraiser and don’t want to think about doing another one but this is a good chance to work off some of that Fundraising Fee that each family has.  Tickets to the event are already in the office.  I am going to ask that each family take at least 10 tickets and give you the responsibility of selling these to friends, family, neighbors and public.  As principal I am doing some fun things to help give motivation.  For the following:

Parents:  The Parent (Mom or Dad) who sells over 50 tickets is eligible for a drawing for an overnight stay at the Four Seasons Resort (Northern Wisconsin)
Elementary Students (PreK – 5th):  The student that sells the most tickets will win a fun day at Monkey Joes – Appleton, WI
Jr/Sr High:  The student that sells over 75 tickets will be eligible for the drawing of the Mountain of Dew / $100.00 Simon Mall Gift Card

We are looking to sell 400 tickets to earn $1,500.00  Thanks in advance for your help with this event!

Athletic Schedule:
Monday, February 3rd @ 7:00pm –  TBS/FCS Vs. Washington County Homeschool
Friday, February 7th @ 7:00pm – TBS/FCS Vs. FDL Homeschool
Tuesday, February 11th @ 6:30pm (Away) – TBS/FCS @ Calvary Baptist
Monday, February 17th @ 5:00pm TBS/FCS Vs. Wyldewood Christian School

February School Schedule:
Tuesday, February 4th @ 5:45pm TBS to Host Bill Ney / Ken Ham Debate (Live Stream)
Thursday, February 6th @ 12:20 – FDL Agricultural Ambassador
February 6th:  TBS Financial Prayer Night
February 14th – 18th:  NO SCHOOL (Friday 14th – City Lights Fundraiser for TBS / TBC Pastoral Staff Retreat)
Friday, February 28th – Souped Up Pre-Sales Report Due – TBS Office

Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL