January 3rd, 2017

TBS Nation,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the second half of the game.  Well, technically we have one week left of the 2nd quarter but we are close enough.  I was encouraged this break and reminded that there are many who pray for our school and our families regularly.  There are many who care about our situations and burdens.  As I talked with many, including my OH family, I was asked several times about the TBS School Ministry, the Struska families, Lydia Spoor and her ongoing health needs, students, parents and the TBS Auction.  It is always encouraging to know that there are others who carry the burden and that you are not alone in the battle.  Ever wonder why Satan whispers the lie, “you are by yourself on this one, nobody cares anyway”? Satan wants a dark victory in every moment just like Jesus Christ (the light) wants us to be victorious in Him every moment.  The difference is that Christ gives us Power and satan takes power!  Christ gives hope and satan steals it away.  Christ redeems and satan destroys.  God has been good to us through the tough and the good times and I am thankful for His faithfulness to this ministry.  A new year brings a refreshing spirit and a new resolve to put the nose back to the grindstone so to speak.  It is time to re-calibrate and set goals as we attempt another day-week-month-year of our existence.

Philippians 1:27, “Only let you manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel…”

I have enjoyed thinking over the idea of striving side by side, step by step, one mind, one spirit, and standing firm for the sake of the gospel.  This truth helps in the relationships between parent and child, teacher and student, husband and wife in that we are to direct all of our actions to further the gospel.  If we are in the middle of a conflict, whether it is homework, marriage issues, rebellious children or general frustrations and sin issues, it is comforting to know that both sides of the conflict have equal responsibility and opportunity to point all things to Christ.  It makes the metal on metal friction become tolerable and usable.  Engines run with specific types of oil to keep the metal parts lubricated.  Without this lubricant the metal will overheat and fail in short fashion.  Both the metal and the lubricant are necessary to do the work of moving the engine.  If the components try to do their job independently neither will participate in the intended purposes of the designer.  Our lives are much like this.  We need each other and God uses our metal on metal to help us win the “conflict” that Paul speaks of in Philippians 1.


* School Resumes tomorrow morning @ 8:15am
* Staff Meeting @ 7:45am
* Friday, January 6th, 2017 (End of 2nd Qtr / 1st Semester)

TBS Auction Announcements:

Any persons who have been given a list to help procure items for the TBS Auction need to submit those to the TBS office **Tomorrow**
TBS Auction staff need to do an inventory on what has been collected and what is still out there.  New lists will be generated for the next week to pick up the final items for the sale that is only a few short weeks away!

Here is your Tuesday Update:

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

7:00am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
7:45am – TBS Staff Meeting
8:15am – Normal School Day
Hot Lunch:  Sandwiches and Chips (Susan B. / Jodi T.)
3:15pm – After School Care (Kimberly Krause)
3:15pm – After School Help Class  –  Jeremy Shaeffer

His Glory…Our Joy!

Jeremy Shaeffer
TBS Principal
PO Box 1453
20 E. Arndt St.
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1453

TBS Mission:
“Team with parents by providing a quality, Christ centered education and produce young people committed to Jesus Christ”