Jan 24, 2014 News & Notes

We are done with our 3rd week of the 3rd Quarter already.  WACS Fine Arts is around the corner for most of the TBS Students.  Each Student should already have the events he/she are in.  Please encourage the work on those events so that we can have a good showing against other schools.  TBS will also be traveling to view a Symphony next month so as to expose our students to a little culture.  Also, Rachel Tompkins is a student director of a Jr/Sr/Staff play that will happen at the End of April.  Rachel wrote the play and we will be performing it for you as a fundraiser for improving the TBS stage as well as the TBS Senior Trip 2015!

Here is your look at Friday:

6:30am – Before School Care – Jeremy Shaeffer
8:15am – TBS Girls @ MOPS / TBS Boys @ Leadership Training
Pizza Friday – Don’t forget to order before first hour with Mr. Shaeffer
3:15 – After School Care – Jeremy Shaeffer
7:30 – TBS/FCS Vs. Calvary Baptist @ Lighthouse (players be there at 6:45 ready to play)

**TBS Auction – January 31st, 2014 @ 5:00pm
**TBS Prayer Night – February 6th @ 6:00pm #repairthewall #nextto