Jan 17, 2014 News & Notes

Another week in the books….Praise the Lord for his goodness toward us and the grace He shows us each day as we serve Him.  Be careful as you come in to school today, another light dusting of snow is just enough to make things really dangerous on the roads.  It looks like another round of an inch or two tomorrow.  I’m sure if we really tried we could name a blessing from God for each flake that falls.  Perhaps if we did He would give a mid-January thaw?

Elementary Parents don’t forget that the kids are going to the YMCA today at 12:30 to swim.  Bring appropriate gear for that.  Also, if you are not doing anything and want to watch a team working to get better Alex Kaufman and I will be participating in the Basketball game tonight at Lighthouse Vs. Bethhaven Academy.  We lost by a bunch last time we played however I am excited to see how close it is and how far we have improved.  6:30 is game time if you are interested.

Here is the look at the day:

6:30am – Before School Care
8:15 Normal School Day
Lunch – Pizza Friday **Thank you Estie for being our Pizza Lady!
12:20 – Spanish Class @ FDL Public Library
12:20 – TBS Elementary @ YMCA / Swimming
3:15 – After School Care – Jeremy Shaeffer
6:30pm – TBS/FCS Vs. Bethhaven Academy (Lighthouse Gym)


10:30 – Fundraising Committee Meeting:  Soup It Up @ TBS (Jeremy Shaeffer’s Classroom)
Thanks for taking time to come to the meeting:  Amber Shaeffer, Tiffany Spoor, Jan Martin, Kerry Tompkins, Dan Leeds, Jeremy Shaeffer

**Saturday City Lights Concert in West Bend – Pray for a good crowd, safety, and health.
Tim Krause, Dan Leeds, Randy Martin, Jeremy Shaeffer, Rory Martin