Friday, September 9th, 2016

TBS Nation,

Good Friday Morning to you all!  I am glad it is the weekend again and I am looking forward to a nice couple of days to again put my feet underneath me.  Today families should expect a 3 week progress report for your student(s).  Each report you receive reflects the grades for the work they have done so far this year.  Parents can expect another report on week 6 and then again week 8 of the quarter.  If your student is struggling in a class, TBS staff is here to help.  Students and or parents requesting said help should contact the teacher and set up a formal time for the student to meet with the teacher. Teachers have made themselves available after school but up to this point no students have taken advantage of this opportunity.   Teachers are available Monday – Wednesday for any help classes needed. Special tutoring may be arranged is schedules prohibit the normal study help schedules.

TBS is committed to communicating to you as parents often concerning your student(s) academic progress.  This is important information for you to know and will be a warning flag for students who may be struggling. This is also a time for parents to be encouraged with the good progress students are making as well.  Many will get outstanding marks for the work completed through week #3!   We are hear to help not hinder progress.  We look forward to the effort on your part to communicate with the staff concerning these things.

Please contact if you are having trouble accessing Sycamore Education.  Each family has been given access to see reports online (same as the printed progress reports) so you can keep up with our progress.

Below is a FLD County Document concerning when to send a kid to school and when not to send a kid to school.  Some general guidelines concerning the wellness of a child is sometimes good to review….I hope we don’t have the flu around here for a long time.

Jeremy Shaeffer
TBS Principal
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TBS Mission:
“Team with parents by providing a quality, Christ centered education and produce young people committed to Jesus Christ”