Friday, November 21st, 2014

TBS Nation,

We have made it through another week and only have two class days left until Thanksgiving break!  I trust that you all have plans made for that special time. There are many who travel and I am always aware of the risk involved.  It is important to see family, especially those who are close to you!

Many hunters will be out in the woods this weekend with the intent of harvesting a deer or two.  Good luck to Levi Schommer, Silas Westra, Ryan Kaufman, Alex Kaufman, Micah Mayes in your efforts to carry on the whitetail tradition.  Hope you are able to put some venison in the freezer this season and have a great time with your dad’s!

For the rest of us……try to enjoy the weekend!

Friday, November 21st, 2014

7:00am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
8:15am – Normal School Day
3:15pm – After School Care (Sarah Leeds)
3:15pm – Boys BBall Practice @ Light House (pick up at 5pm)
3:15pm – Girls BBall Practice @ TBS 9 (pick up at 5:15pm)

Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL