Friday, May 16th, 2014

TBS Nation,

You made it!  Congratulations to all of you who will cross the finish line (of sorts) for the year!  I trust that you will be able to reflect and enjoy the memories made and see the progress made.  School is hard and there are a lot of inconvenient things about it but I believe it is necessary and good.  This will be a particularly tough school year as we say goodbye two families.  My heart is heavy because of these circumstances however God has directed them away from TBS in a clear way.

The Oertel family (Ken, Cherie & Jasmine) have sold their house here in the FDL area and will be moving to Denver, CO.  Ken has been given a job there and Cherie will be taking her time during retirement to spend time at home with the family.  Jasmine will be attending a Christian School in the Denver area.  The Oertel’s have been a terrific encouragement to me and our school.  Nobody can argue the fun personality that Jasmine brings to TBS.  Her talents of Piano, reading and communication will be used by God to impact many people.  I just want to say thank you to the Oertel’s from the TBS Nation for their support and love for our school over the past 5 years.  May God bring rich blessing on your family as you close the chapter here and open the new one in Denver.  Remember that you always have friends at TBS and we would welcome a visit any time you are in the area!  Thank you for your dedication to Christian Education and your support for our school!  We will love and miss you all!

The Martin Family (Rory, Christa, Tyler, Reece, Easton & Savanna) will be moving to MN as Rory follows God’s call to Seminary Training.  Rory has taught in our school for many years now and has had a tremendous impact on our youth.  He is known as a tough teacher and I appreciate his willingness to hold the line with our academics – especially in English and Bible.  Christa has also taught in our school and had helped in many ways at TBS.  Her sweet spirit and flexibility will be missed as well.  Each of the kids have their own personality and they will be missed by peers, staff, and other families of the TBS Nation.  We look forward to hearing of the future ministry that Rory and his family will be called to.  We know the quality and character of this family and perhaps that is what will be missed most.  We want to thank the Martin’s for all of their involvement and support over the 13 past years.  Change is never easy and Rory and Christa for sure have some stressful days ahead.  We will pray for you and your move so that God will bless you and cause His name to be spread as he uses you for his work.  Thank you is not enough but it is all I can type!  Know that our gratitude stretches deep and there are no real words to try to describe it!  Rory and Christa will be in the FDL area until the end of July and will move sometime the first week of August.  May God go with you as you serve Him.

Well, this is the last email you will receive from me in the mornings for a while.  Perhaps your computer hard drives can’t wait for this to take place!  I know that It will be a welcome break for me as well.  Enjoy the day!

Friday, May 16th, 2014

6:30am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
10:00am – School Picnic
12:00pm – Early Dismissal
6:30pm – TBS Awards Night / Kindergarten Graduation

Have a great summer TBS!

Serving Him,
Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL