Friday, February 7th, 2014

TBS Nation,

Friday it is and we are all Happy, Happy, Happy about that!  Congratulations to Tyler Martin and Ryan Kaufman on a substantial win at Riverside Elementary School last evening.  Both of our boys played extremely well. Tyler Martin had tenacious defensive stops while Ryan handled the ball with precision – each must take after their moms!  They won with a score of 19 – 12 so congratulate these two when you see them this morning.
Six below zero was not the temperature that I wanted to wake up to but it is Wisconsin and it is February and we are in the Mid-west and it is supposed to get cold here and …….well you get the idea.

Here is a look at your Friday:

6:30am – Before School Care (Jeremy Shaeffer)
8:15am – Normal School Day
9:30am – MBU Orchestra Director @ TBS
11:50am – Pizza Friday
3:00pm – Auction Recap Meeting
3:15pm – After School Care (Amber Shaeffer)
7:00pm – TBS/FCS Vs. FDL Homeschool Team (Lighthouse) *Boys need to be at the school at 6:15pm

8:00am – TBC Ministry Committee Meeting

Souped Up Fundraiser is now on!  Thank you for those who are selling tickets already!  We will have a chart on the website soon showing our progress!
No School – February 14th – 18th

Jeremy Shaeffer
Principal of TBS-FDL